About the miniaturist:  Fran Sussman


As a small scale miniaturist, Fran draws her inspiration from the things you see around you every day. Picture the stonework on a building façade in a old main street,  the fabulous pastries on display in a neighborhood coffee shop, the aged wood in a winery tasting room, a hallway with a table and flowers, the children’s section of a toy store, the display of plants and cut flowers outside a shop, or a soup pot bubbling on the stove.


 In designing and making miniatures, Fran draws on her professional experiences as an economist, using her skills in math and research. An economist models how the economy, society, business, institutions, and people fit together. A miniaturist builds a tiny world out of individual pieces that together capture the essence of a scene and tell a story to the viewer.


 . . . but with miniatures, the flowers will always be in bloom and the bookstore poised and waiting for the next child to walk in …..


Fran became an Artisan of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans in 2010, the first in the category for Small Scale. 


You can see Fran's work at the Guild Show (September in Hartford, Connecticut) and the Tom Bishop show (Spring in Chicago, Illinois).   And if she's not standing behind a sales table or teaching, she's likely to be found at these and other shows wandering around talking!


Developing a class takes a huge amount of work -- every class requires new techniques and tools and careful attention to detail. As a result, Fran only teaches a class every year or two.  To see what's on the horizon, or take a peak at past classes, visit Classes.


Fran enjoys sharing techniques and explorations in miniature, and telling stories about successes--and failures.  You can find her articles occasionally in the Miniature Gazette (published by N.A.M.E.), the CUBE (published by I.G.M.A.) and other publications. Her work was also featured in The Book of Mini by Kate Esme Ünver.