Upcoming Classes

1:144 Artist's Studio

 2022 Philadelphia Miniaturia, November 4-6, 2022

DoubleTree by Hilton, Philadephia/Cherry Hill (New Jersey)



Learn how to work in 1/144 or expand your skills as you make this urban loft-style artist's studio. In this fun, half-day class, you will scratch-build using wood and plastics, learn how to weather and add realism to your roombox, adapt laser kits and photo-etched brass, and "repurpose" a variety of objects. So you can focus on completing the interior, some cutting and painting will be done in advance by the instructor. You will have a choice of artist & paintings so you may personalize your studio. You will be surprised at what you create! Students should finish the project in the time allotted, but may want to do final assembly at home. Approximate finished size is 1" wide x 1" deep.


Past Classes

1:144 Vignette of the Kitchen at the Governor's Palace

 2022 Guild Study Program, January 14-17, 2022

Williamsburg Lodge, Colonial Williamsburg, VA


This vignette  captures the style and period feeling of the Kitchen at the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg.  Students will work with a variety of materials, including different woods, brass, cast resin or metal, and 3D printed items, and will learn how to repurpose items and to paint and weather for realism.  The vignette is chock full of detail, but still leaves room for the student to add more items at home--a broom? a grandfather clock? a chair?  A cat asleep under the table?  A small back area offers options for the student to create a vegetable or herb garden, or plant a tree.

The first day, students will build the vignette structure.  Parts will be laser and saw cut in advance, and partially painted or stained, to allow each student to focus on construction and final fitting, and mitering the floor.  The second day will focus on details--plates, pots, baskets, and food.  These are tiny and can be fiddly, but the instructor will work with each student to develop the skills needed to handle tiny items.  It is recommended that students have magnification and lighting on this day that is stronger than they usually use for 1/12 scale miniatures.  On the last part-day, students finish up items from the first two days. Students may choose to glue pieces in place, or wait until they get home.


Beginners are most welcome! Bring your tools and your patience, and be prepared to have fun in a relaxed setting and make a truly unique project!  The study program at Williamsburg is not only about miniatures, but we get to visit behind the scenes and see the objects that students are creating in class, as well as enjoy the historical buildings and Colonial setting in Virginia.  I hope to see you there!

1:144 Miniaturist's Workroom:  Expanded

 2019 Guild Show, September  17-22, 2019

Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport/Windsor, CT


This is an expanded version of a popular class that has been taught several times before--the miniaturist's workroom.  It is a 1:144 scale roombox that is filled with the things that a miniaturist might need--power tools, hand-tools, paint, wood, rags, a clock--and of course several finished and in progress 1:1728 (or thereabouts) scale houses made both from wood and from  cardstock.  You will work with unusual materials, such as foamed PVC, as well as classic materials like styrene.  You will learn different techniques for weathering and tips on assembly in 1:144.  Your room box will include some tiny  hard to find items, including a tiny workbench designed by the instructor and cast in resin.   You have lots of options in how you put together your workroom!


The instructor does not plan to teach this class again -- so if you want one of these for your 1:12 scale roombox, this is the time!


1:12 and 1:144 Scale Project:  In Progress 1:144 Workroom on 1:12 Scale Worktable

2019 Chicago International Show

Marriot Chicago O'Hare

Join your fellow students for a project that combines 1:12 scale with 1/144 scale.  As always, students will work with familiar materials and some that may be new--like foamed PVC, laser cut card stock, 3D printed items, hand-cast resin pieces, styrene, and others.   Printed cards and paper and other items have been designed just for this class, which is full of fine detail.   Smaller Than Life will supply each student with a 1:12 scale try Square and coping saw, but feel free to bring other tools you may have or other "crafting" items for your table. This project is lots of  fun to design and make, and a great introduction to 1:144--you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with (just like at home).

1:144 Scale Potting Bench on Patio

2018 Guild Show, September  18-23, 2018

Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport/Windsor, CT

Come spend a day on this relaxed and fun project.    The student will work with lots of different materials, including 3-D printed items, Palight (Foamed PVC), and weathering powder.  You'll learn different techniques to make plants and will go home with extra materials and detailed instructions to make more plants. 

1:144 Scale "Day at the Beach" Shadow Box

2018 Guild Show, September  18-23, 2018

Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport/Windsor, CT

This unique little shadow box will provide the students with lots of options!   Students will have alternatives to the Adirondack chair in the picture--including a seagull,  lots more tiny shells, or a mermaid to paint!

1/144 Scale Silver and China Shop

2017 Guild Show, September 19-21, 2017

Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport/Windsor, CT


Come spend a day and make a unique 1/144 scale Silver and China Shop at the Guild Show this fall in Hartford Connecticut.  The class includes several unique decorative touches designed just for this class. Everything in the photo is included.


1/144 Scale Artist's Studio

2017 Guild Show, September 19-21, 2017

Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport/Windsor, CT


Come spend an afternoon and make a fun 1/144 scale Artist's Studio at the Guild Show this fall in Hartford Connecticut.  You'll learn how to work with a a variety of materials and have a relaxing time.


Students will have a choice of a variety of painters/ paintings, in addition to those illustrated in the prototype.

1/144 Scale Miniaturist's Workroom

2017 Philadelphia Miniaturia, November 3-5, 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ


Every miniaturist needs a workroom, including your 1/144 miniaturist.  In this class, you will surprise yourself as you work with some tiny card models, 3D printed power tools, and other fun and unique additions.


The class will be held on Friday November 3, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm. 


Students will go  home with lots of extras, including unused 3D printed power tools and extra card models to make more miniature dollhouses.