About Fran Sussman


I've been making small scale miniatures as long as I can remember.  Like a lot of kids, I liked making stuff for my Barbie doll and was mesmerized by model train layouts and model ships and planes (and still am, except for Barbie). But the hobby really started when I had to build a scale architectural model in school. I enjoyed it so much that I started building smaller ones—about three inches square. The first house I built was from index cards, covered with that brown wrapping paper you used to lick. The furniture was also made from index cards and fabric. Then I happened to buy a ruler that was divided into 10ths, and started making everything to scale—1/120th scale. This was the early 60s, so my living room had purple polka dot slip-covers on the furniture.


My taste has improved since then, I hope.


Please use the contact form below to ask me any questions. I love to help folks "problem solve" and hear about your latest small scale project.


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